Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

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Some New Year Resolutions For the brandnew 2015

Oh, hi 2015! 
Given the fact, that you are already drunk and probably deaf from all the China Crackers and fireworks around this lovely planet, you look quite lovely and bright to me 😁

I once prommised to my jounger self, not to go for any New Year Resolutions again - ever. But actually I think this year, I came up with some really nice ideas, not the usual 'exercise  more' crap:

1. don't dye your hair for at least 4 months. There are some grey ones and I want to find them... just kidding. 
I have dyed my hair for more than 20 years now and simply want to rediscover my natural hair color.
2. only buy 2nd hand clothing. This shall be for the boys' and my clothes, only underwear, socks and shoes for them will be bought new. 
3. buy less clothing. Improve your mending skills instead.
4. Our Garden will be even better than in 2014.
5. Let the boys do more around the house, let them lern and gain confidence. 
6. visit your Girls at least 3 times!
7. play more Games 😁 ( sorry for stealing this from you Wil Wheaton 😉)
8. start&finish this school thingy!
9. go further towards zero waste. 
10. be happy and thankfull. 

If you'd like to read my personal review of 2014 feel free to hop over to

xoxo Mone 

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