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Ok, since I just opened this cutie here, actually noone would do a real interview with me, so, lets just pretend, right? And here is, what I would have to say:

Why another Blog, Mone???

Just because! No, to be honest, I thought, at  my "old" blog, which by the way is called  PanPanCrafts and also is pretty awesome - I should keep blogging about my crafts, shop, alarmingly domestic stuff and so on. But, there is so much more out there, so many things I´d like to share, but also facebook and co seemed not to be the perfect place for this... so here we go with

What doese the blog´s name mean?

Actually - nothing ;) it is is a kind of , I admit, stupid play on words: "whatsoever vs. PanPanCrafts"... so one could translate it like " random, not crafy stuff spilled out by PanPanCrafts"...

Tell us something about you!

Ok- just this morning I kind of freaked out, as I realized, that I´m getting old, I mean OOOOOLD! I drove my eldest son to his kindergarten *cough* and passed a bus station where schoolkids were waiting; and I realized: this could by my kids, I´m old enough to have a 12 year old or so... freaking horrifying! Since I allways prefer to see myself far, far away from adulthood... One can see this in what I like, what I do and how I act sometimes, too... Adult... mhm, ok, but I try to keep the fun in it.

Do you read a lot?

Yes, I do! But not, what you might think -  I´m so not a novel person, sorry. I prefer non fictional literature, such as biographies, historical or crafts books, and sometimes comics. For example, reading the Silmarillion was a lot easier for my than reading the actual Lord of the Rings. Only exception: Terry Pratchett, his books I can read :)
But happy me has married a wonderful guy, who loves to read novels to me, so when he reads, I like to listen, thats much easier for me :)

Do you play some games?

Oh yes, I do, on my laptop mostly: WoW since the very beginning, I was a so called beta tester and never was able quit it since then. I´m afraid I´ll never see the big instances or raids, since I prefer going solo, but that doesn´t bother me. recently I started Skyrim, Neverwinter Online and Star Wars - TOR, plus I loved all Resident Evil parts and also Diablo 1&2, 3 was too short in my opinion, but I played it anyway. So, roleplay mainly, I´m not such a shooter fan, although I like to watch these when my hubby is playing.

TV-Shows you love?

Star Trek - next Gen., Babylon5 (yea, I know...), OF COURSE Doctor WHO, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, Haven is pretty cool, too. Plus I´m a totally addicted browncoat and to stay updated on Nathan Fillion, whom I adore, I also love Castle. Another great, fun show, not on TV but on youtube is The Guild, it reminds me of my times as a guildmember in WoW a lot. Watch it, guys! ah, and, because I´m me, I love everything Jamie Oliver ;)

Can you offer me a free babysitter? No, seriously, I can´t go as often as I´d like to, but the latest I saw was the Hobbit. My favorite list would be too long here...

And last but not least: Music?

A lot, I allways have something playing here. Some names: Depeche Mode, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Opeth, Dark Tranquility, The Cure, Metallica, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Korn, Tool, Ministy, Kerli, Emily Autumn, Hypocrisy, Pain, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Volbeat and so on... I´ll blog here about that stuff, too.

... Any questions left? Leave a comment and I´ll answer! Thank you. In the meantime I leave you with some pictures that might tell you a bit abut me :)

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